Pet Photography Cornwall – Spaniel Shoot

My latest dog photography shoot took me to a beautiful beach setting on the coast of Rock, Cornwall.

The spaniels had a strong affinity to water and we planned to use this to our advantage. We spent a long time exercising them along, in and out of the water to try and capture the shots the owners were really looking for.

Some owners want their pets to look beautiful and pristine for their dog photography portraits, others want their pets looking more like they do on a day to day basis. This might be soaking wet or covered in mud. Whatever the case I am there to capture them in all their varying beauty.

On this occasion, we wanted to see water spraying everywhere and for the dogs to be really enjoying their daily run. They gladly obliged and I captured some shots they really loved. My particular favourite is set as this blog posts header image. I felt it really captured the essence of the day and their inimitable energetic nature.


Tom is a professional photographer with years of experience based in Cornwall. He specialises in pet portrait photography. You could also follow him on Instagram.

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