Pet Photography Cornwall – British Blue Cat Shoot

I was asked to take some photos of a clients cats recently. Cats, just like dogs, all have their own distinct personalities. These two were no different and I think this can really be seen from the images in this blogs gallery. One of the cats loved the camera and seemed to be trying to get me to get her ‘best side’, the other was far more aloof, preferring to be photographed from afar.

One of the things I always ensure when meeting new pets, is that they are entirely comfortable with how we plan to photograph them, gauging their reactions to find where they feel at ease. With this in mind my client had expressed an interest in having some studio shots done with a white background.

I manouvered the studio into place and tested the cats around the setup. They took a look at it, gave it a sniff, then pretty much decided it wasn’t for them. We didn’t let this dampen our spirits, we took the studio back down and used the natural surroundings to shoot against instead. The cats were immediately more at home and behaved completely naturally, even with a camera being waved around!


Tom is a professional photographer with years of experience based in Cornwall. He specialises in pet portrait photography. You could also follow him on Instagram.

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