Pet Photography Cornwall – Knut & Bazel – Pet Shoot

Just a note to say that I originally shot these images a long time ago now. In fact, it was almost exactly a year ago to the day. Time has flown by, but I wanted to share my photos and experiences of the day as it was a little different, so here goes.

This shoot was not my average shoot. Lindsay had been in touch and shared her wish to have some photos of her and her dogs, Knut & Bazel. However, Lindsay is a photographer herself, and one with talent too, so it made it a little more daunting heading out on a shoot with her. After our shoot Lindsay actually wrote her own blog about her experience of being on the other side of the lens, which you can find here. It was an interesting read, mostly due to the insight it gave me on how customers view the way those in the photographic industry convey themselves. Thankfully on this occasion (as I hope is always the case), she chose my services due to the positive nature of our interaction.

The shoot was delayed by rain, twice, but the third time we were treated to hazy sunshine for our coastal walk. I needn’t have worried at the start as it was a pleasure to photograph Lindsay and her dogs, and chatting photography between shots also added to the day.

The shoot was also a little different due to the fact Lindsay wanted to be in the photos with her dogs, which is not always the case. This meant I wanted to convey the bond they had between them, and I feel this came across really well in the images, and I know that Lindsay was also very pleased with them, given her own blog post about the day.

Below you can find a gallery of a small selection of the images that were taken on the day.


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