Pet Photography Cornwall – Tigger – Cat Shoot

When first being introduced to this little critter, he wasn’t too impressed, I have to admit. It may have been the fact a stranger was in their house. It may have been the fact the stranger was carrying a big bag with him. Either way it wasn’t love at first sight. With this quickly established I knew I would have to win over my subject before even touching the camera bag. I got to work making friends. (Obviously this is a crucial part of photographing someone’s pet, it is also sometimes the most enjoyable part.)

With Tigger and I on better terms, the camera was finally brought out. I wanted to capture Tigger behaving naturally around the house, then later also in the garden. This is why it is always important for me to ensure the pet feels comfortable with my presence. This need is heightened when shooting indoors, due to them feeling restricted. He wandered about, doing his general cat business and I attempted to stay in the shadows. I wasn’t fooling anyone, he knew I was there, but he was now happy with my presence.

After his initial reservations, Tigger was a wonderful model. He allowed me to get a mixture of different shots, showing the different sides of his personality. You can see a small selection of these below. Having a creative challenge on each shoot really keeps you thinking and creates more inventive shots. Its a real joy to spend time with people and their pets and then give them photos they’re excited about afterwards. You keep being you, Tigger.


Tom is a professional photographer with years of experience based in Cornwall. He specialises in pet portrait photography. You could also follow him on Instagram.

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