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My latest shoot featured a Labradoodle called Comet and a Boxer called Wes. The owners were keen to achieve a wide range of shots from the shoot, so we opted to first do some studio shots, then head outside to burn off some energy in the fields. We did things this way round purely because then they would be looking their best in the studio before getting wet and muddy in their action shots later on.
Pet Photography Cornwall, Labradoodle, Boxer Pet Photography Cornwall, Labradoodle, Boxer






Above you can see a couple of examples of our short studio session. This allowed us to get some static portraits that aren’t as simple to attain whilst outdoors. With these in the bag we moved on to capturing some action shots. We got to the fields just after a rain shower. During our stay we avoided any direct rain, but the earlier moisture was still hanging in the longer grass. This is particularly evident in the feature image for this blog which you can find at the top. I purposefully created a darker exposure for these images as it made the water droplets to become more prominent within the frame. After a storm or rain shower is often a good time to head out with your camera, whether you’re shooting dogs or even just landscapes. There is often good light or an individual ‘feel’ to an image that you can’t capture at any other time.

The different locations really gave us the chance to get a variety of shots that wouldn’t have been possible from a single place. Seeing the dogs running around happily in the damp grass was great, and seeing the photos afterward I think their enjoyment is plain to see.

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Tom is a professional photographer with years of experience based in Cornwall. He specialises in pet portrait photography. You could also follow him on Instagram.

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