Your Dog and You – I’m co-author for this exciting new book – Pet photography

Four months ago I was proud to announce that the book which I was co-author for was released by the publishers, Hubble & Hattie. This was the first book I had been involved with. It was a lot of hard work, but seeing the final result made it all worth while. My part of the project was to match pet photography to the text.




More information and a detailed description about the books content can be found here:

With it having been out for four months now it has had chance to attract some rather positive feedback. This feedback has all been collected by the publishers. Some of these reviews have been collected from places like Amazon, and others have come from some very authoritative sources such as veterinary surgeons and psychology professors. All these reviews can be found here:

It also turns out that Hubble & Hattie have given me a page on their site as an author. This holds a bio about me and gives links to all my latest goings on.
Below you can see some examples of the pet photography shots used in the book to display some of the dogs emotions. If you enjoy the idea of the book, the content or the photos you can purchase the book from the original link.


If you would like professional pet photography photos taken of your pet, please get in touch – contact us.


Tom is a professional photographer with years of experience based in Cornwall. He specialises in pet portrait photography. You could also follow him on Instagram.

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