Dog Photography Cornwall – From puppy to proper pooch

Almost a year ago, I had the chance to do some dog photography with an energetic local puppy who turned out to be a real hit with everyone who saw the photos. During the months that have elapsed, Freddie has grown at a rapid rate and the owners wanted to capture him in his now fully grown state. I love this kind of shoot as its lovely to see the dog again and the owners get to compare the shots from our previous meeting.

Onto the dog photography shoot itself. We chose a similar location to the last shoot, but not identical. We were shooting later into the evening than last time, and we wanted to use the beautiful golden light to full effect. The hilly area we used made use of the light, but also gave us a great view in the background of the Cornish countryside. Freddie is traditionally a gun dog and is as such, currently learning the art of retrieval. The owners wanted to photograph his progress and to also get some shots of just him being him. We did this with some running shots and some more creative shots in the water.


Finally we wanted to get a couple of comparison shots from last years shoot, comparing the vast difference in size of Freddie. I think these two comparisons really capture this and his character.

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Tom is a professional photographer with years of experience based in Cornwall. He specialises in pet portrait photography. You could also follow him on Instagram.

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