Gizzy – pet photography – same dog, different locations

My last pet photography portrait client wanted something a little different. They wanted a range of shoots, with different backdrops, different settings, but the same dog. This gave me the chance to do something a little different, experiment with ideas and really give them something unique when they looked at their set of pictures.

Their dog Gizzy, is a dog of real personality. On the outside he is a very cute and fluffy dog, but underneath lies a real adventurer who would do anything for his ball. I wanted to be able to convey both sides of Gizzy within my shoots.

The first shoot I suggested was developed to convey the adventurous side of Gizzy. We headed into a woodland valley, complete with fast flowing streams and rocks to pose on. This gave us chance to get some flash portraits posed on the large rocks around the site. It also allowed us to use his obsession with his ball to full effect. We used it for some running shots to get a sense of movement and look at different expressions. We then decided to launch the ball into the water and get him to retrieve it. This is really where the fun and carefree side of Gizzy came out, his fur completely filthy and sodden, and him absolutely loving every minute.  In fact, at the end of the session we had to drag him away.

The second shoot was a more standard studio shoot with a white background. It gave me chance to shoot for fine detail and get some really great expressions on Gizzy’s face and to get some family portraits with the humans too!

The third shoot was later in the evening, with us hoping to find somewhere to shoot Gizzy along with the sunset. Whilst waiting for the sun to set in the right place, we took the chance to get some more running shots with a greater amount of light (the wooded valley stole a lot of the ambient light). With these in the bag we turned to capturing the sunset photo. I balanced Gizzy’s white fur against the exposure of the sunset and I think it gives a pleasing look.

The owners were delighted with the range of shots achieved. I enjoyed the chance to be really creative and try to convey the real personality behind the pet they loved.

If you would like your pet to be captured in the same way, please contact me here or take a look at the photo packages I offer.


Tom is a professional photographer with years of experience based in Cornwall. He specialises in pet portrait photography. You could also follow him on Instagram.

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